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This website is not an online shop but an artbook, so you will find only descriptions of perfumes here and no prices. Do not hesitate to contact us on any questions at

Independent artisan project Acidica Perfumes was founded in 2011 by Elena Markova. It started as natural perfumery, based on tinctures, high quality alcohol, essential oils, absolutes only. Later Elena Markova, the olfactory artist, began using synthetic components.
Acidica Perfumes edps and perfumes are alcohol based.

The project credo is to make everything with own hands. Texts, perfumes, photos, website, videos, podcasts, articles include a flicker of their creator's soul and we appreciate a lot when our perfumes get to the right people. Then true magic starts, and each perfume helps and raises the spirit of those who wear them with pleasure.

Each perfume has its own background color in our catalogue on this website. This is author's perception of synesthetic perception of odor and correspondent colors, one more manifestation of perfume as a kind of art that evokes imagination and is not limited just by smelling sensation.

Acidica Perfumes sit close to skin, all of the perfumes are different and have strong personality. Perfume collections are dedicated to Russian nature, tea, elements. Beautiful and natural landscapes, dreams and memories hidden in artisan perfume invite to travel together and to get many vivd impressions at once. Everyone who likes to change perfume few times a day depending on their mood will find these perfumes very handy.

Acidica Perfumes inspired Elena Pilgun from Petersburg, Russia to draw a series of watercolors based on her impressions of the perfumes. This is how our postcards appeared, and you can enjoy them on this website and order any you like.

We create multidimensional stories uniting olfactory, visual arts and storytelling. We invite you to join us in our travel across the olfactory universe and let everybody find his own fragrant Holy Grail.
Духи и открытки Acidica perfumes
New multibrand project "Aromareys" was launched in November 2019 . A team of Russian independent perfumers united to create and maintain it (Elena Markova (Acidica Perfumes), Olga Avdieieva (Amaranta), Polina Poplevina (Ladanika), Valerija Karmanova (Odoratika)). "Aromareys" is a fragrance thread game. The participants pass each other the sample set with 24 new perfumes by 12 independent Russian perfumers and feedback on each perfume is obligatory.

The first Aromareys is in Russia only. But next launches may include other countries. To join us as a spectator, first you ask for participation in the groups of Aromareys in Russian social network Vkontakte or in Facebook and then give a donat. All the news are broadcasted in Instagram aromareys.
Acidica Perfumes was added to Fragrantica Fragrance Library and to Parfumo in 2019.


The permanent perfume collection of Acidica Perfumes takes part in all the exhibitions and never changes.

It includes the series: Tea collection (Marsala Chai, Ginger tea, Boston tea party, 8 jewels tea), Russian forest (Roads of Ladoga, Moon of Honey, The Dark Path, Northern magic, Tree's blood, Misty Samhain), Dolce vita – gourmet fragrances (911, Second skin, Mesoamerica, Rosa Mystica), plus Brand new (Tree, Summer is Back, Helleborus, Rose Cider).

Two new series of perfume appeared in 2018 – a series of natural edps the Elements (Fire, Water, Air, Blade, Earth) and semi-synthetic series The Black 4 (Slovenian vine, Alba, Harem, In Love).

Also in 2018 Acidica Perfumes presented a number of limited edition perfumes: Wings of Spring (created for the artisan perfume festival "The Spring", that took place on the Terra Aromatica website' s board, and Hygge New Year, that took the third place at the artisan perfumers contest «The smell of New Year», plus Petals of pale rose and Snowless winter.

The other perfumes: Thyme Madness, La Femme amoureuse, Creosote time, All summer in a day, Candied orange, Avenue of Desires, Indian Summer presented in period since 2012 to 2018 and rarely presented on exhibitions. Also in the end of 2018 were presented edp versions of perfumes from the permanent collection except Rosa Mystica and Roads of Ladoga.

выставки Acidica perfumes открытки
A glimpse on feedback on Acidica Perfumes
Our team
Acidica Perfumes is an art project uniting olfactory and visual arts and storytelling. True alchemy, fata morgana, the dream of universal language that came true.

Anna Zakrevskaya
Digital art
Anna is psychologist, gifted poet and dancer from Moscow. She created the labels for Acidica Perfumes and some postcards, too. In 2019 Anna left the project.
Elena Pilgun
Elena is engineer From Petersburgh, Russia. Her hobbies are painting, photography, writing books and crafts. She has made wooden exhibitional equipment for Acidica Perfumes, beautiful postcards and craft chests for perfumes.
Elena Markova (Acidica)
Olfactory artist and Acidica perfumes owner
Elena makes the perfume compositions for Acidica Perfumes. She is translator and historian who uses her knowledge to translate images and dreams into olfactive language and to help people upgrade. Elena is the author of all the text content, she is maintaining the website, takes pics of all the perfume and joins the exhibitions. Also she is the founder of Aromareys perfume threads project.

Meet Acidica Perfumes

Acidica Perfumes believe that perfume makes the world a better place.
Perfume and sample sets
You can order any of more than 30 original and vivid perfumes and edp's by Acidica Perfumes. The best choice for first glimpse is the sample set. It includes a number of glass vials or plastic atomizers 1 ml each. It is called "Blogger set", as mostly preferred for distant tasting of perfumes. "Standard Blogger set" includes 4 samples of any perfume you choose, and "Premium Blogger set" includes 9 samples of any perfume you choose. Blogger sets are the best recommended option to try anything from Acidica Perfumes.
Participation in artisan perfume exhibitions
Acidica Perfumes often takes part in artisan perfume exhibitions. This is a great chance to explore the novelties of Acidica Perfumes and permanent collection from paper blotters, glass and try them on your skin.
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