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911 Acidica perfumes
911 Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, gourmet, coffee, woody

Main notes: coffee, tuberose, myrocarpus, massoia, cinnamon, tonka bean

Dull grey morning seems hopeless, all means of motivation and self-encouragement gave up. Anyway tea spoon is dancing in long thin fingers and measures out the ingredients of secret potion. Perfect duet of boiling teapot and voice fills the kitchen. Drop of magic turns away the routine and now you can guess what is being cooked for you, follow the tasty smell of coffee with milk and cinnamon! Hard to stay indifferent, facing this rich, sweet and velvety coffee attack. It will cheer up early Monday morning and make positive Thursday evening.

"911" – the most effective remedy for splean. As days shorten and nights darken and the winds getting wilder, the knowledge that you can change it all with single sip of hot sweet coffee totally saves the situation. And the next morning you are ready for adventures again. Generous and warming perfume with a hint of baked buns, fireplace and a promise of good rest.

Feedback on 911

"On glass – coffee and sweet milk with a bit of caramel. Freshly boiled coffee, slightly overroasted. Note of cinnamon. Gourmet fragrance for the fall. Moderately sweet. In the end coffe leaves and herbs and milk take its place. And some dairy milk, too.

On skin – slightly dried grass of prairies and milk. And coffee with dairy milk. Some cookies, more dairy milk with caramel… The feast of fall: one gets coffee with milk, other gets milk with herbs and someone drinks dairy milk fom the tiny saucer. Very comfortable. Transforming perfume – now you hear coffee, it is followed by dairy milk, later – milk, caramel and cinnamon. Closer to the end cinnamon milk and coffee prevail. And some dry wood. "
(Anna Semenenko)
"Thick, chocolate. Beeswax from honeycomb. Warm fragrance. Soft coffee with milk in the morning, though you can afford it in the evening, too)) Gourmet fragrance at its best. Very prepossessing. Eventually appears smoky wood, some burning coal. Maybe this is a cigarette near the cup of coffee?)))

Looked at the pyramid – indeed, milk oolong, that same milky softness".
(Nina Novitskaya)
"Strange fragrance. I've felt charming coffee at the first note and prepared for cosy coffee party with sweet dessert, the traditional scheme of such perfumes to go further. But I was wrong. Coffee without sugar stayed for a while and transformed into bitter green spicy sour medicine. And then sticked to the clothes and used to show the smell of coffee beans from time to time, urging to crave for coffee".
(Polina Poplevina of "Ladanika")
"One more my emergency rescue is fragrance. A couple of months ago I've got «911» by Acidica Perfumes, and its name speaks for itself. When I feel cold inside, need to close my eyes and warm hands with breathing, this perfume is a must. It resonates with me with hot sweet milky coffee, fresh cinnamon bun and wood bark warmed by the summer sun. It makes me warm. That's why I use it in the morning like camouflage to go out in cold winter streets.
Thanks to Acidica for olfactory magic".
(Julia Graurock Chernenko)
"Bitter dark chocolate comes first, and then starts true magic and this aroma sends back in time to Grandfather's beehives. Bitter honey propolis with incense and resin hints. Sweet and waxy honeycomb. The perfume becomes rounder and softer with slight slow and tarn fragrant note of honey. Propolis, honey, incense, soft wood, amber, slight note of chocolate and vanilla. I'm in love with this perfume!
(Olga Ivanova)
Dolce Vita
Mesoamerica Acidica perfumes
Mesoamerica Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, gourmet, woody

Main notes: palo santo, cocoa, lime, rose

Where is this mysterious Mesoamerica situated, why is it so special and why is this perfume named after it? We eat chocolate, drink it with water and hardly ever think of its source. North Mexico, part of Honduras and Nicaragua… Everybody knows of Aztec and Mayan, but this is less known that the Spanish found out the secret of «chocolatl» and were the first who brought cocoa beans to Europe. Tequila is also from that land, famous brand Olmeca is named after the ancient people of Mesoamerica.

Perfume can guide you to the land of unfamiliar colors, sounds and scents. Mesoamerica invites to the holiday somewhere in Mexico, to visit descendants of Mayan who forgot how to build monumental pyramids and to make bloody human sacrifices. At the streets of small town dance young people in beautiful outfits and flower garlands. Rose petals fly high in the air, tequila fills the glasses, guitar improvisations make you dance, too. More tequila? Don't forget to eat a slice of fresh lime afterwards. Laughing girls are having spicy chocolate and generously give you some. Hot, colorful and cheerful fiesta will be a great memory.


Feedback on Mesoamerica

"You know, this is really luxury! On paper blotter first comes thick chocolate wave – exquisite chocolate pie (well baked sponge cakes, full of spice and with fat chocolate cream), soaked generously with cognac; hot chocolate with some pepper and lime juice. And then suddenly comes out clear and cold lime and again spicy chocolate with pepper at the background. In the end tequila again and smoky spice and translucent chocolate chord brings it all together

On skin it smells quite the same except for the lime chord in the heart is softer and chocolate goes to background earlier. All is left are rough cocoa crumbs, sparkling lime and warm spicy note. And note of cigar smoke.

*Basically this perfume smells of my favorite cake «Mulled wine» and tequila, you get it right that I vote for it on default:)*"
(Anna Semenenko)
"At the first breath – chocolate crumbs. With spice – chili pepper, vanilla and some else seasonings. Then chocolate becomes more tight. Spice grow louder. Warm relaxing perfume. There is smoke in it, probably tobacco (not cigarette, maybe tobacco leaves)".
(Nina Novitskaya)
"Lime, chocolate, flowers, spice – all of it is dancing happily. The perfume is designed to share the vivid impression of fiesta in Latin America. I've never been there, but I want to agree. Live market with fruit and spice, sweet beverages, bunches of roses and exotic flowers, all of it under hot and bright sun. So bright it makes you close your eyes. The fragrance is noisy, I can't figure out its melody in total. I'd rather emphasize anything – either flowers or gourmet notes or made spice prevailing ones".
(Polina Poplevina of "Ladanika")
"Interesting perfume – flowery notes, anise, coca cola, I feel the smell of tea with cake, wood. Lots of things, but there is balance".
"At once I feel bitter fragrant cocoa powder. Bitterness leaves soon and aroma softens. Cocoa visually becomes creamy and milky nuance appears. So wonderful! The perfume grows thicker and darker. It is more than dry cocoa, someone adds dark and milk chocolate crumps and starts melting it on bain-marie. Aroma gets more and more round, viscous and languid. No sweetness. This cocoa with chocoate and cream gets softer and softer and I feel hypnotized, supernatural beauty... Soft wood, cream and chocolate in the end. Cocoa powder, dark and milk chocolate, milky notes, soft ambergris and wood notes..."
(Ольга Иванова)
Dolce Vita
Вторая кожа Acidica perfumes
Вторая кожа Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, incense, leather

Main notes: cedarwood, orris, benzoin, rockrose.

In extraversive perfume you go out at ease, pull everybody's attention and try to impress. This mood does not stay for long time and you need some rest after all – that is the high time for introversive perfume. For example, Second skin. It was created to enjoy the moment and to feel comfortable silence without rush.

Dark velvet of benzoin and orris, exquisite leathery rockrose and elegant cedarwood make time go slower, push away the worries and remind of importance of solitude and relaxation. Just let it all go and enjoy warm waves of calm and exotic Second skin.

Second skin

Feedback on Second skin

"Velvet perfume, its spicy and woody composition has bright and tender heart starting with juicy fruit and at once transforms into rich chocolate. It is an interesting combination with wody and spicy notes, softening them a bit and taming. Really good for the fall and cool summer nights, when you need something warm and sparkling in the wet clear air."
(Dara Dayne)
"This one is beyond words, it's truly like a second skin to me - warm, velvet-like protective skin that wraps me in and makes me feel like home =)."
(Ekaterina Klipova)
"On glass – incense, spicy start and at once comes the bitter chocolate note, also spicy with nutmeg. Woody notes are warm and a bit dusty, closer to the end wood is more active and comes forward.
Very laconical and cosy.

On skin – spicy chocolate, wood and some powder. Warming as much it becomes tactile, has noticeable tail. In the end you get wood and spice, partly transforming in leathery notes.
Clearly this is good for cold weather, for upcoming fall. Quite a choice for everyday wear".
(Anna Semenenko)
Dolce Vita

Rosa mystica

Мистическая роза Acidica perfumes
Мистическая роза Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, flowery, herbal

Main notes: rose, frankincense, clary sage

Russian coast of the Black sea never lets go. It chases with colorful dreams, cries of seagulls, random note of dried algae in the wind of March, calls to return someday and to touch flat warm sandstone, to put feet in the tickling waves to swift tiny prawns, to fill the lungs with tasty woody air of evergreen forest at the cliff. You can return to the past in memories only. Why not to make a perfume of it and share it with others?

Tears of the sun, inspired by summer on the South, was one of the first fragrances by Acidica Perfumes. Warm and woody with frankincense, palmarosa and peru balm. Later its idea and character changed and rose was added to resins and herbs. Still warm and sunny, it became flowery with exstatic nuance. This is hypnotic southern rose that grows in hot climate, its tender petals smell of temptation.

Feedback on Rosa mystica

"On glass – bitter and spicy rose. More precisely, first you feel sage, orange and lemon, and later, like oriental beauty one by one puts down nine shawls, come the rose. It is not easy to see it behind the waves of citrus, frankincense and spice. One petal after another. Here is the rose in all its passionate and proud beauty. And again it hides. The perfume is playful – gets warm, then cools down. In the end some sage and lemon notes and tail of wood and spice, again no rose left.
Truly mystical!

On skin – note of frankincense, cool sage chord, lemon peel, quite minty palmarosa (geranium of India)... And then suddenly clear and subtle, nearly weightless rose. No common rose sweetness and calmness here. Again come the coldness and sage. Only in the end the rose becomes a bit oily, when orange and frankincense join her.
I'd say this is a fragrance for meditation, concentration of thoughts and getting cool in hot weather. Very, extremely persistent ".
(Anna Semenenko)
"Rose at once. A number of varieties – the first is morning dewy white one with young green leaves; but mostly dark burgundy one with heavy petals, dark green leaves and the last one – bright pink with fluffy petals under the sun. Smoky frankincense. Sincere perfume about rose".
(Nina Novitskaya)
"I did not quite get it, what is so mystical about this rose. Rose oil scent with spicy herbs and orange. Transforms from warm vine tint to ringing cool. More of a landscape sketch for me. Such a perfume would be a great choice for travel office – it would definitely increase the sales of tours to exotic countries)"
(Polina Poplevina of "Ladanika")
"Powerful tarn and sour rose, reminds of a rose in a jar full of pickles. Unusual interpretation. Dark velvety rose in sour and spicy, tarn and green pickle liquid. Rose, spicy herbs, meicine plants, dill, black pepper, laurel leaves, big leaves of horse radish. I see it clearly, the rose with pickles".
(Olga Ivanova)
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