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Limited editions were made in smaller quantity than usual. They were created for perfume contests, so there was no reason to make many of them. Snowless winter and Petals of pale rose appeared at the same time with Hygge New Year in the end of 2018.

Limited editions

Hygge New Year

Лимитка Hygge New Year Acidica perfumes
Лимитка Hygge New Year Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: gourmet, woody, musky.

Main notes: champagne, pineapple, maracuja, musk, osmanthus, cocoa, coffee, tonka beans, honey, tar, wood, peru balm, mandarine, cardamom.

Home party with mandarines, pineapples in champagne and some tickling musky fur. New Year is best celebrated with the dearest people. This holiday is very «hygge», as would the Danish call it. It means comfortable, special warm home atmosphere created by a family. Everybody has prepared gifts and surprises for each other, and that's how exotic fruit like pineapple and maracuja lay on the table near Granny's special cake, and french champagne is waiting for midnight to come. There is no traditional fir-tree, as naughty furry pets are craving to destroy it. All of it smells of happiness, cosy sweet holiday and good mood for upcoming year.

Feedback on Hygge New Year

"You're in the Army now! Interesting leather fragrance (like «Russian leather») with woody heart based on smooth creamy sandalwood, flowery tones and musky amber. Reminds of the New year in the Army: you only dream of mandarines and fir-trees there, just a hint. Perfect balance of brightness and comfort".
(Matvey Yudov, quote from an overview of perfume contest for Fragrantica.
"Elena Acidica's perfumes are very good. I'm going to the office now in her Hygge - aroma of sweet loving home, cosy armchair by the fireplace and mandarines. I've put on "Hygge New Year" by Acidica, the bronze finalist, and realize that only poetry is good enough to describe this scent.
(Ekaterina Vasilyeva)
"I can hear only suede and ambergris chord in the start.
Tobacco in the heart notes. A certain plastic note does not let me relax. Maybe some kind of flower.
(Brother Medard)
"On glass starts with smoke and spice, accompanied by honey, cocoa and wood at once. Relaxing cosy evening perfume for lasy and slow pastimes. Chocolate with herbs, a glass of Riga balsam and patchouli note. Wood and fruit notes in the base.

Juicy fruit, cardamom and wood on skin. Very optymistic, volatile enough scent with hints of sweet tropical fruit, a bit dusty cocoa and patchouli. Osmanthus, fresh fruit and some wood in the end.

Rather different visual impressions, but both are cosy and nice. I was wearing this perfume at home with kirigurumi pajamas. It was great :)"
(Anna Semenenkо)
"First of all, this perfume is leather and spice for me. I can associate it with New Year only if I imagine the raindeers of Santa Claus having a rest. They took off leather harnesses and take their time drinking glog near the fireplace and so soon they start drinking whiskey. I will remember this perfume as "drunk raindeers". Pleasant smell of winter, dry and slightly with frosen air inside, like a wind blowing from outside. This wind brings light smoke from the street or maybe it comes from the fireplace.
I think it will look nice on men. But a note disturbs me in this perfume with time, like a sour wood..."

Limited editions

Snowless winter

Лимитки Бесснежная зима Acidica perfumes
Лимитки Бесснежная зима Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: woody, green, pine needles, fresh. Natural perfume.

Main notes: sagan dayla, clary sage, hay, gardenia, pine, patchouli, vetiver, violet, woody notes, lemon, bergamot, cilantro, cannabis note.

Snowless winter is strange, dark and unusual, like somebody's joke with the clock – the day is too short and the night takes it all. No snow does not make this winter warmer. Frost is still severe and here come splean and pitch-black nights. No sparkling snow cover makes the earth shine under soft silvery moonlight. This winter has special smell of wet wood, late leaves already grey and brown of cold but still staying on the branches. Cold and dark, like winter in the northern part of Russia.
Feedback on Snowless Winter

Limited editions

Petals of pale rose

Лимитки Petals of pale rose Acidica perfumes
Лимитки Petals of pale rose Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Petals of pale rose

Description: flowery, woody. Natural perfume.
Main notes: rose, lemongrass, lavender, clary sage, fir tree, violet, musk, algae, mandarine, bergamot, cilantro.

This fragrance is dedicated to Michael Moorcock's story Pale roses. It tells the story of transformation that happened to Verter de Goethe since he has met the mysterious girl who has shaken his melancholic soul. Pale petals lose their color in boiling water, this is their dance macabre – roses give their souls to tea and fade away. Candy and mandarine are here as an allegory of sincere and vivid childhood. Salt, smoke and wood are the tempest raving inside the characters of this story, bringing in the unpredictable end.
Feedback on Petals of pale rose

Limited editions

Wings of Spring

Лимитки Крылья весны Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: semi-synthetic, woody, flowery, spicy.

Main notes: mimosa, jasmine, muhuhu, palo santo, musk, citrus.

This fragrance was created for the perfume festival "The spring has lots of meanings", which took place on Terra Aromatica board in 2018. Spring is vigorous, inspiring and pleasant season. The fragrance is about these feelings, it is soft as spring wind carrying the smell of flowering apple gardens, tulips and hyacinths shooting up to the sun and bringing happiness with vivid colors.

Flowery, aquatic and musk notes show the waking nature in spring. Bitter shy snowdrops, chatty springs, sleepy animals that get out of their lairs to greet the sun and warm days. The spring inspires, wakes up and helps to raise wings and believe that everything is possible. All this is in the air in the end of April and in May, and bird songs and their flight, upcoming Summer are hidden in this fragrance, too.

Feedback on
Wings of Spring

"The fragrance starts with green, a bit resinous notes, with fresh sweet spice (anise, coriander?) and cool aquatic and flowery notes like delicate smell of wet water lily. Polyfonic green chord in the start, colorful but not sharp. Fresh airy and woody tail with fruity notes appears at once (it seems to have synthetic origins). The fragrance gets warmer, suddenly transforms in gourmet with prevailing notes of milky fig, slight trace of cedar nuts, sweet creamy coconut and some exotic flowers. And then unexpectedly appears salt. This phase lasts for some hours. Green notes of the start become softer, they don't disappear but interlace and play with contrasted warm notes of creamy and flowery heart and fresh ozone and woody notes of the tail for all the time. The fragrance fades away gently in calm and soft milky and woody base.

Is it a reference to the wet rainforest? Remembering the theme of the festival, I imagine the jungle in spring after heavy rain full of thick spicy green leaves, creamy vanilla orchids, magnolias, water lilies (or whatever is floating in the ponds there, distant relatives of our Russian water lilies). And startling clear air with salty breeze from the ocean.

Wonderful, very beautiful fragrance, skilfully made. The composition is balanced, perfect and full of harmony. Vivid and bright, transparent, not annoying. Long, unpredictable and interesting revealing. Wonderful piece of work. I would gladly come back to it".
"Spring forest before blooming. Only wet soil, last year grass, wet trees and the smell of awakening, vital juices starting to brew in roots and branches. Strange but close to me in associative sense. I want this one".
(Ekaterina Vasilyeva)
"Bright and sunny start. But we are enjoying the sun for a short period of time, then experiments in physics begin. Dandelions and coltsfeet are blended together with roots and this smoothie is tarn, bitter green. In the background I hear the wet soil and water. The fragrance smells louder, colder".
(Polina Poplevina, "Ladanika")
"00:00 – bright, sparkling, fresh, a bit sour and then sweet when you inhale it.

00:5-15 - fresh, sparkling, flower fantasy, sweet with slight sour inedible note, a bit tarn.

00:30 – sensual, light, subtle, fresh, transparent, flowery, sweet, tarn, warm, a bit soapy.

01:00 – warm, soft, sensual, sweet, dry, tarn, penetrating, became weaker.

02:00 – warm, sensual, subtle, soft, airy, sweet, tarn, dry, fluffy, enveloping.

Spring. Bright sunny day, it is warm.

Bright sun rays. A fountain in the small garden. The water flows with splashing fans into big shallow bowl. Its bottom is decorated with mosaic of chipped tile – waves and algae like curls. Sun flares. Streams of water sparkle with golden and multicolored flurries. The water is cool. Flowers, many bright spring flowers filling the air with their smells.

The melodic and monotone sound of water is relaxing. It is rhytmic. Birds sing, trees whisper in the wind. I listen to this music with eyes closed. Warm sun caress is like mother's gentle hand touching my head in childhood when I was going to sleep. The sounds get quieter and the space fills with soft pearly pink light. Soft warmness, silence…

Fresh, bright and light fragrance, opens up in time actively. Colletive image of spring flowers. I thank the Author for this fragrance".
(Varvara Latkova-Fortinskaya)
"Interesting fragrance, it is like the white poplar bud before it opens. I like such ones. It is definitely made by a professional. The tail has become synthetic a bit, but upper and heart notes are excellent".
(Anna Semenova)
"More than 10 hours have assed since I've put this fragrance on elbow bend, and still I hear its trace – bitter creamy white gardenia and slight hint of mushrooms. I'm surprised".
(Nina Novitskaya)

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