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Summer is Back

Summer is Back Acidica perfumes
Description: fruity, fresh, green

Main notes: green fig, pineapple, grass, ozone, incense

We travel, inspired by the wish to catch up with the summer sun and laziness. We become free birds to follow the sun and warm wind to distant countries, and our dreams come true. Summer is back with ripe green fig, fresh air and thick leaves, warm milk in the morning and tender sunlight. The fragrance Summer is back smells green and yellow, sparkles and tickles. You can feel its unique taste on your tongue when smelling – fruity, grassy and milky. Gloomy and cold summer inspired Elena Markova to create an antidote to depression caused by rainy weather, the rain that seemed eternal. A ticket to summer paradise in the small glass bottle.
Summer is Back Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun

Feedback on Summer is Back

"Fresh fig in pineapple juice from the glass. It floats slowly. Fig skin gives birth to fresh and airy grass note. The middle seems totally fig, later transforms in wody and milky base. Laconic and perfect. Nice everyday choice, but it would be too airy for office. Let's try it on skin.

On skin again I feel fig and pineapple. Even fresh grass and pineapple and a bit of milky ripe fig pulp. Fig is more active closer to the middle notes, it comes through the grass and replaces it. Juicy skin first, and then comes the fruit itself. Pineapple never gives up, it stays sparkling and sweet as in the beginning. Then everything slowly transforms into calm woody base with flashing green notes.

This fragrance is not heavy, tasty and a bit flippant. A good choice for summer or to imitate summer atmosphere."
(Anna Semenenko)
"Brand new Summer is back is fresh, clean, transparent fig. The fig is often made severely green, but this one is fruity, sweet and juicy. Just perfect. I liked it very much!"
(Vera Novikova)
"Magestic fig of Summer is back, fruity green, sunny and truly good for summer. Real depression treatment for anyone who is tired of gloomy and grey fall outside."
(Igor Masyukov)
"Summer in back: tarn grass. Herbs with lemon zest. Something familiar since childhood. Juicy red apple! The juice runs down my hand. A lot of apples around, they shine in the sunlight, laying on the grass sparkling with diamonds of dew. This is the life, this is true joy! Sour and sweet, fresh fragrance.
Shocked to fing fig among the notes. And it does not cause headache as it uses to... I feel sweet and sour apples here. Lena, did the fig and pineapple become apples? :)
Very optimistic!"
(Nina Novitskaya)
"Beautiful summer perfume. Reminds of carefee childhood, sunshine through the leaves, many fresh air, plus sweet milk. MMM! What can be better?
This perfume surprisingly well unites milk, fig, pineapple and green notes.
I wished to try the fig perfume and here I got one."
(Natasha Sukhorukova)


Дерево Acidica perfumes
Description: green, floral, woody

Main notes: galbanum, osmanthus, petitgrain, patchouli, frankincense, cedarwood

The main idea of new natural edp from The Elements series could easily be named «A Tree's story» or «The annual life cycle of a tree». Luckily Elena decided that just «Tree» would be enough. It expresses well the message of this vivid and close-to-Nature fragrance. Four seasons of the year follow each other: spring comes with first green and sticky buds, young April leaves and flows into flamboyant and fragrant summer. Then comes fall and brings the harvest and fruit, and the last is the cold and gloomy winter, when most trees sleep covered by snow. The main notes of this remarkable and green fragrance are galbanum and osmanthus. Passing by indifferently is impossible.

Дерево Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun

Feedback on TREE

"Let's get back from the cold stars to our Mother Earth to the warm green caresse of tree branches. Tree by Acidica Perfumes includes only natural components.

Very realistic and bright smell of Nature. To me it smells of wet earth warmed by sun at the roots of cedarwood covered with emerald green moss. Mysterious heart of the woods never touched by human. The Nature inviting to dissolve in it.

I love madly such earthy and woody patchouli with fir notes that might not be a hit for everyone but they create a special mood. "


Helleborus Acidica perfumes
Description: green, floral, fantasy

Main notes: lily of the valley, mimosa, lilac, vetiver, grass, violet, vanilla, cedarwood, citron

Helleborus starts to bloom in April. This flower is ambiguous, as black and white, as the Dagaz rune. Black helleborus is a cure and white one is deadly poisonous. This perfume is a fantasy of dual nature of beauty. Philosophical reflection of contrasts and hidden meanings.

This perfume smells of first spring leaves, transparent petals of mysterious and dangerous flower. Crystal chime of lilies of the valley and dark murmur of helleborus transform into soft sweetness and velvet deep sleep. Maybe this is how the poison juice reveals itself...
Helleborus Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун

Rose Cider

Rose Cider Acidica perfumes
Description: fruity, sweet, floral, powdery

Main notes: champaka, rose, clary sage, vanilla, orris, oakmoss, apple, orange

It's time for roses and apples, time to dance under falling leaves. Naughty redhead dives out of your embrace and keeps teasing you, hiding behind the trees. The air of fall is inebriant as good apple cider. Kizune fox is playing with you and leaving you the subtle smell of roses as a souvenir.

Ripe red apple, tasty cider transform into the pink avalanche of rose petals. Cider never gives up and tickles, petals fall in the goblet and swing. Roses are all around... This cider is too strong, though it is tasty and sparkling like lemonade. The valtz of flowers carries you far away and commands to dive and hide inside the heap of rose petals, get asleep and never wake up till spring comes.
Rose Cider Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун

Feedback on Rose Cider

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