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Creosote time

Время креозота Acidica perfumes
Время креозота Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Description: semi-synthetic, woody

Main notes: geranium, frankincense, ambergris, fenugreek.

Of what do old wooden train wagons smell? Of course, they smell of wood, travels, memory of flight on endless silvery tracks. Let's go further: what is the smell of memories? They smell of old paper, frankincense, dried rose petals. People invented time to get better navigation in their memory. But there is one problem. So many people, so many perceptions of time, and smell is one of the ways to capture it. The time when the train was the fastest and the most comfortable way of traveling, smelled of creosote, wood and locomotive smoke. Now these are the smells of steampunk plus the seasoning of gunpowder and leather and air of romance. Creosote time fragrance is nostalgic for the past and a gift for everyone who likes steampunk and travel romance.
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun

Feedback on Creosote time

"Here is a revelation for everyone who could not dare to try the fragrance "Creosote time" by Acidica Perfumes. "Creosote time" does not smell of creosote. (And this avowal is made by someone who has given the name to this fragrance). It does not shock you with that toxic railroad wave that hits you in a hot summer day when approaching to the railway station (though I really love this smell, too).

Acidica's fragrance is not about it.

It speaks of wooden interiors of passenger wagon that was born in the end of XIX century on Russo-Baltic factory, spent its youth chasing the ever changing winds of revolutions and later got a couple of schrapnel wounds during the Second World War and finally stopped at the sidetrack where his life was ending slowly taken with the wood for kindling.
Memory of the wagon burned together with the wooden interiors. It saw the pale ghosts of wounded soldiers of Red Army, exhausted refugees, political prisoners sent out to Siberia, schoolgirls in fur coats… But the wagon could not forget a boy who got inside it the last spring playing hide-and-seek. Because the boy spoke to him as to a human being.
- You won't die, - he whispered. I will repair you.
Since then eight years has passed, and in the early April three short whistles rang over the sidetrack. Slim young man in railroad uniform jumped off the shunting diesel locomotive. His friend helped him to carry the necessary instruments, materials and paint.

Maybe this story is just a fantasy. Maybe not. When you visit St. Petersburg, go to the Railroad museum and take this perfume with you. When you'll recognize that same wagon by smell, give it my best regards.
(Anna Zakrevskaya)
"Helen's perfumes are like a secret garden for my soul, dwelling in which softens and replenishes it. I do love them, all of them, taking them as they are – wild and non-conformist, and so out-of-the world. Once in a while I find my true love among these beautiful creatures, like Time of Creosote that simply swept me off my feet with its sweet boldness and strong character. And it makes me feel snug and warm and safe, and – yes, it's so very enchanting... Thank you, Helen. I guess, I'll be back soon for another handful of wonders!"
(Ekaterina Klipova)

All summer in a day

All summer in a day Acidica perfumes
All summer in a day Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Description: 100% natural, herbal, citrus, flowery

Main notes: petitgrain, rosemary, chrysanthemum, lemon

Spicy herbs and cold green citrus remind of early morning in the middle of the Summer. You get up early to be the first on the river side and see the steam on the water and the morning smells green and fresh. This is the Summer of your childhood, you remember well the grass and leaves you smash with fingers to feel that stingy and tarn green smell. And the river itself smells of water lilies and arrowhead. The fall will start soon, and the leaves of chrysanthemum will smell bitter and spicy reminding of summer and everything that has gone.
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun

Feedback on
All summer in a day

"On paper blotter: cold citruses, bitter herbs. Northern summer starts slowly, it is cold and chilly. It reaches out to people with rosemary needle or lavender brush. It promises the sun to appear for a moment and to start warming. And it really does a little, so that the flowers could open their sleepy petals a bit and greet it.

On skin: cold rosemary and frankincense, cold citruses just from the fridge. Then the sun raises, just a bit, and it wakes up the flowers. They slowly shake away their dreams and begin to smell. Chrysanthemum is followed by the violet.

Very slow fragrance. Created for those lazing in bed on the weekend and stretches slowly:)".
(Anna Semenenko)

Avenue of Desires

Аллея желаний Acidica perfumes
Аллея желаний Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, woody, fir needles, green

Main notes: fir needles, geranium, elemi, lemon

Calm fragrance with fir needles and incense continue to tell stories about Ladoga lake of Karelia.

There is a special place in Karelia, fir tree on Taruniemi, also called Fairy Cape. They believe that your dream will come true if you say them out loud while walking through this narrow avenue in the shape of Sowilo rune. And one more condition – you should wish them to come true with all your heart.

Feedback on Avenue of Desires

"On glass – fresh, balsamic start with juicy lemon and fir needle notes. A slight disbalance of geranium, though (the fragrance is new, I believe it will become better with time) – bitter taste is stronger than the soft fir needles. To the middle the tree wins at last and this bitterness becomes the part of the image of spiny northern tree. This fragrance is not sweet, a laconical one.

On skin: - fir needles with lemon and pine resin. Geranium is also loud here (too much of it or it will calm down with time) – one can even see green scratchy leaves. To the middle it partly leaves and here you are walking down the bowery avenue. Landscape fragrance for a good mood:)"
(Anna Semenenko)

Candied orange

Цукат Acidica perfumes
Цукат Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, gourmet, citrusy, sweet

Main notes: honey, mandarine, ginger, ceadrwood, ylang-ylang

As candied orange, smells of orange peel and honey, tastes a bit bitter. Candied sun rays for cheering up, the smell of children's party. Self-made candied orange peel was nice decoration for pies and cookies, and these candies were eaten first of all.
Feedback on Candied orange
"On glass – sweet and sour orange peel, warm dry wood and some sweet powder. Very realistic sour citrus, up to salvation. Intensive and bright.

On skin: - warm woody and citrusy fragrance with some powder. Simple, cosy and nice. I believe one can also use it as an interior fragrance, but carefully, because it is rather intensive".
(Anna Semenenko)

La Femme Amoureuse

La femme amoureuse Acidica perfumes
La femme amoureuse Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Анна Закревская
Description: 100% natural, flowery, leather, gourmet.

Main notes: ylang-ylang, vanilla, benzoin, vetiver, massoia.

The name of this fragrance means "A woman in love" in French.

Love can't be the same for everyone. Each time it is different – a new face, new scent, new mood. And all memories are always distinct. La femme amoureuse is gourmet, flowery, leather, narcotic and a bit tarn evening fragrance about the mystery of love and the secrets that are kept in every woman's heart. Exotic feminine enigma. Warm ylang-ylang, some spice, leather and incense. A beauty under the veil. This is a story of a woman who has found her true love and her self-exploring through the strongest feeling for another person".
Watercolor by Anna Zakrevskaya

Feedback on
La femme amoureuse

"La Femme Amoureuse: suede and tonka beans. Sweet fragrance of life satisfaction at its best. A bit in Lush style".
(Ekaterina Vasilyeva)
"On glass it starts with coffee and jelly with cream and woody notes. And so on untill the heart notes when caramel coffee lets out announced orange. But at once it drowns in milk and coffee with distinctive presence of cardamom and vanilla and soft apple note. In the end come cardamom, coffee, sandalwood and a bit of vanilla.

On skin orange and vanilla with caramel, coffee and wood. And milk note. I'd rather call this perfume spicy and woody, other components are dancing around this main chord making it rich and impressive. Warm, only a bit sweet, very feminine (warm and cosy). Spice come out in the end, cardamom in the first place.

Very good to celebrate St. Valentine's Day, if there is no party planned".
(Anna Semenenko)

Indian summer

Indian summer Acidica perfumes
Indian summer Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Description: 100% natural, herbal

Main notes: mugwort, tinder, sage, patchouli, cyperus

Indian Summer is long farewell to summer ending so unexpectedly. September is like endless August and warm golden October. The best time for long walks and enjoying nature, inspiration for artists and poets, man colors and tasty air of the fall. The fragrance about these couple of happy weeks of extra summer should be vigorous and bright, reminding of favorite season of the year. Notes of mugwort and mushroom, dry grass and some wood really make one feel a sunny day in the forest in September.
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun

Feedback on Indian summer

Thyme madness

Thyme madness Acidica perfumes
Thyme madness Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, herbal, spicy

Main notes: almond, thyme, grapefruit

Sweet and gourmet almond start slowly transforms into herbal and woody forest fairy tale. This perfume is often called a «were-perfume» for its cosy start of almond cookies and dark thyme heart.

ATTENTION: this perfume is no longer available.

Feedback on Thyme madness

"On paper blotter: almond cookie in sugar powder, then cold incense forest notes come through. The forest gets darker, more wet and woody. Sugar house of the forest witch, a gift for the spirits of the woods, a guarantee of safe journey through the dark thicket.

On skin: the same almond and wet deep forest. And in the end light and clear thyme, forest herbs in morning dew.

The fragrance for the young girls who have tamed beasts. Or those who like to catch forest spirits with homemade cookies:)
Brings harmony to thoughts and calms down the raging emotions".
(Anna Semenenko)
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