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Russian Forest

Misty Samhain

Туманы Самайна Acidica perfumes
Туманы Самайна Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, woody, herbal

Main notes: galbanum, castoreum, clary sage, bergamot, oakmoss.

It is great when your story begins in the fall. Fall has special philosophy and slow motion, rich in colors and smells. Fall brings much drive and fun – live fire of wild grapes in the garden, juicy late apples, tanned hazelnuts, smarmy mists and lonely cries of wild geese reaching for the summer. The story of Acidica Perfumes began with Misty Samhain perfume in 2011. Its first name "Spring" was changed after this perfume revealed its trickster true nature and twisted reality with the tornado of fallen leaves, mist and smoke.

Take a chance to get to the forest in the end of October. Let the train bring you to a distant station, get off the platform to nowhere. Follow the path to quiet, tired and sleepy forest. Smell the air thoroughly. Wet wood, smoke of invisible fire, fallen leaves, random mushrooms. All these smells are strange and uncommon for city dweller. The coming winter smells of cold wind, it breaks in your memory, bewitches, makes you return again and again trying to catch the elusive. This is how the border between worlds feels like: in silence, in the right place in the right time. Так ощущается грань - в тишине, в правильном месте в правильное время. Misty Samhain is about this unusual and unique feeling.

Why Misty Samhain? Samhain is special. A bridge between worlds of living and dead, passage between two halves of the year. The point where reality meets magic. Don't be afraid of Samhain, it is inevitable. As all pagan holidays, this is the turn of the Wheel of the Year. It takes away all excess and lived and opens the way for snowy winter.

If you go to the forest on Samhain, you'll see mist there. The earth is letting out the last warmth, it smells of wet leaves, moss and wood bark. The trees hide their nude trunks in cold opalescent milk, silence gives the idea of upcoming winter. Perfume about Samhain can't be playful. It is rich, complicated, tarn as tasty air of the fall. Strange and thrilling, as the premonition of winter. Clary sage, oakmoss, galbanum and castoreum create the atmosphere of Samhain, grapefruit and bergamot fill the forest with mysterious cold mist.

Feedback on Misty Samhain

"Oh my gods, I love it so much! It's the Nature that is about to fall asleep yet ever awake, and chill of November twilight, and wet wind, all Magic- and Mystery-soaked... I remember joking, there was no need to create anything after it – and it is almost true =) It is strong, severe, a bit cold and seemingly distant, but astonishingly comfortable and intertwined with my inner self... My, my Precious =) Thank you, my dear Perfumist, for coming up with this perfect witchy scent =) I'll be back!"
(Ekaterina Klipova)
"This perfume definitely has energy and identity of Mage or Warrior, maybe of the both. It would be great if your own identity matches them. I like this woody, smoky and kind of severe perfume. One of those I would use constantly".
"On paper blotter: moss, rotten leaves, cold mugwort, wood bark and sleepy herbs. The earth preparing for winter sleep and giving last drops of warmth.

On skin: cold and wet moss of late fall. Oaks surrounding. Twilight, mist and a little bit of horror. And then suddenly it gets warmer and smells of smoky herbal tea made on dried cones in the cold forest."
(Anna Semenenko)
Russian Forest

Northern magic

Северная магия Acidica perfumes
Северная магия Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: Semi-synthetic. Fruity, woody, fresh

Main notes: apple, fir needles, algae, hay, anise

Scarlet apples like spots of blood on the fresh white snow. Old pine trees creak in the wind that brings tasty smell of fires and cooked meat. Vikings prepare for the night in the forest. Their distant descendants will remember them by runescripts on old stones. New adventure will start tomorrow, a long way to go, fights and feats to become sagas by aryls. Magic of nature is closely linked to the rune magic, defending vikings from all dangers. Calm forest perfume with fir needle and apple accents, hints on northern sea and smoking fires. It was created for interactive mystery about Scandinavian runes.

Feedback on Northern magic

"On paper blotter: sweet apple and fresh fir needles come through smoke and leather. And they are followed by icy water of North and warm smoke flies over it, tasting of herbs and cedar nuts.

On skin: It seems that this perfume can detect customer's gender:) It smells like northern feminine magic – fir needles (one of kennings for woman in scaldic poetry is «fir-tree of necklaces»), apples (the fruit of eternal youth kept safe by Idunn, the goddess of youth and spring («Renewing»)), smoke of the hearth and smell of dried skins and herbs. And again come out fir needles and warm smoky wood"
(Anna Semenenko)
"Northern magic is wonderful fragrance of holiday and Yule (I was lucky to meet dark and gloomy smells of conifer needles, but this one is fresh, light and sweet due to the mix of apples and fir needles".
(Dara Dayne)
Russian Forest

Roads of Ladoga

Дороги Ладоги Acidica Perfumes
Дороги Ладоги Acidica Perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: Semi-synthetic. Woody, spicy, musky.

Main notes: frankincense, cedarwood, musk, laurel, cardamom, vetiver.

Ladoga lake is a special place in Karelia, Russia. The roads guide there the seekers of strength and inner calmness, initial truth hidden inside each of us.

Look closer at the silver mirror of lake water and see true self in the reflection, without masks and played roles. If you manage to get there. If you dare to. And if you stand harsh icy winds, hot herbal tea will warm you up afterwards.

The herbs of northern forest, peculiar smell of big water, bitter memories and transparent evening dew are mixed in the mug of brave traveller.

Feedback on Roads of Ladoga

"Roads of Ladoga, or "Halt! Fire in the hole!"
To pass the Osinovetsky lighthouse, take a risk and get under the old rusty road sign and meet young and brave soldiers in the forest… And finally reach Ladoga, storming but splendid Ladoga. And then return home and discover that all this has already became true in Roads of Ladoga by Acidica Perfumes – small wonder of natural perfumes in a vial: bay for the wolf, path for the animal paws and the waves breaking in pieces. Some things exist that keep the soul alive. And magic of perfume is as good as memory files (the previous day I finished the new book right about it)."
(Elena Pilgun)
"So romantic! You can hear right now the splashing water under the oars of shallop. The lake with clear water amidst fragrant meadows. I've been in Karelia on different lakes, and this perfume evoke these sweet memories. Thanks to Elena!".
(Polina Poplevina of "Ladanika")
"Smoky and spicy with notes of oud and wood. Noticeable tail. Seems very niche perfume to me".
"On paper blotter: bitter laurel and smoky frankincense, cardamom and cedarwood, cyperus and vetiver… Bitter smoke, resins and incense, spice and herbs, ancient rituals over clear water. The fragrance seems rather warm but it is not the warmth of fireplace, no softness here. Bitter knowledge, long and dangerous trip. If you dare try it, what will you get in the end?
On skin: bitter herbs and cold cardamom note. The smoke is warm and cold at the same time. Attracting and bewitching perfume. Inhale the smoke of the magic fire, and the road will dance between the trees, and the tambourine will sing… Laurel will unveil the future and smoked tea will grant power.

For urban shamen and witches and all who follow the road of magic."
(Anna Semenenko)
"Russian leather, yuft. Birch tar. Russian folklore. Birch brooms. Cognac in oak barrels or oak barrels where it was kept. Wooden walkways. Strong perfume closer to aromatherapy. Thick. Dark color on skin. Herbal deep fragrance".
(Nina Novitskaya)
"I'm impressed by the color of this perfume, it is swamp dark, dirty shade of bluish green :-))) Colors skin green after spraying.

Thick and intense aroma. Damp and wet, smoky, distinctive smell of birch tar, tar soap already wet. I like this smell, I'm a fan of tar soap - used to wash my face with it when I was pregnant, I was ready to eat this soap then :-)))) My love is still alive, and I met this tar again here in this perfume.

As time passes, strong tar notes transform into strong dry wood - oak and moss. Tar, tar soap, wet birch tar, wet notes, smoke, rough wood - oak and moss, wood and a bit medicine incense and resins, dried herbs... "
(Olga Ivanova)
Russian Forest

The Dark path

The Dark path Acidica perfumes темная тропа
The Dark path Acidica perfumes открытка темная тропа акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, woody, herbal

Main notes: lavender, neroli, angelica, violet, tonka bean

The Dark Path guides you directly in the middle of scary fir wood. Each step takes you further from civilization, birds singing gets quieter. Here it smells of moss and mysterious herbs, bitter smoky ledum. Take care and don't trip on the roots. The trees are alive and don't see the visitors often. Certainly there are some mushrooms, but mushroom pickers avoid this part of the forest. They say that gloomy trees hide the marsh where many people disappeared… Do you want to stay here for a night? The same darkness and silence reign here, and ghostly moonlight hardly shows you all mysteries of the Dark path. Walk on it till the end quietly, inhaling cold lavender, stepping on soft black moss, rolling sweet taste of angelica in your mouth. Stay alive and leave this scary quest, take its secret with you.

This is the perfume of one of the forest appearances. Each one entering the forest sees it differently. The dark path tells of inclement, wild and dangerous forest, natural power our ancestors could communicate with – the ones who managed to surive, find compromises without destroying and fearing the Nature.

Feedback on The Dark Path

"When I seem to myself superficious and fragile, this perfume helps me call inner Beast. The one living in close relation with nature not only with mind but with senses and intuition. He comes through thick gloom on the forest path, sits near me and says: «Take a deep breath. And now listen, I'll tell you a story…»
As for the perfume – one of the most long-lasting and not heavy at all. Despite of the fact that it is about deep cone forest. It is easy to breathe in this forest, big thanks to the author for it".
(Anna Zakrevskaya)
"Bitter spicy herbs, resin, moss, rotten leaves. That's how may deep wild forest smell, mushroom pickers and hunters must be familiar to it. I looked for more fairytale, but no – the forest, wild herbs, and yes, dark paths, so dark, hard to walk on and alarming. Lavender note added some cold and the feeling of mushrooms somewhere close. I can't imagine this perfume for wearing, it is for image creation".
(Polina Poplevina of "Ladanika")

"Deep mossy mixed forest, where faerie live. This perfume is good to wear for work. First, it invigorates, second, it lets you remember who you are."

"Road through the old mossy forest in the night somewhere in Caucasus, not in Central Russia, under distantly twinkling stars and fireflies. The mixture of soil, moss, leaves and wood. Cracking branches under feet, mysterious bird voices from the heart of the forest. Bitter grass crushed with fingers. I love to carry the perfume of adventure with me and to add it to the dullest routine. I have never regretted buying it!"
"Dark ripe honey. Fougère perfume. Many herbs – dry ones are prevailing, but fresh are also available. Immortelle? Echoing, dark, twilight perfume. Resembles me a lot Fougere Bengale Parfum d'Empire, so I'm afraid that I'll start hearing its pyramid".
(Nina Novitskaya)
"Herbs, so many of them, I also feel green notes of leaves and meadow flowers, and dried medicine herbs. A bit later the flowery note becomes stronger and smells sweet. This perfume is kind of mystic".
"Striking heap of medicine herbs and plants and soft but rough mossy wood. Beautiful perfume, it seems masculine due to its rather brutal woody herbal character. Spicy herbs and plants; resins and incense, tarn and tactile soft wood. I hear some tobacco here with spicy and woody notes (or maybe tha't s my perception of woody notes). With time I see myself wearing this perfume when I need to show strong personality. "
(Olga Ivanova)
Russian Forest

Moon of Honey

Moon of honey Acidica perfumes луна меда
Moon of honey Acidica perfumes открытка луна меда акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, flowery, honey, herbs

Main notes: tagetes, spiraea, frankincense, immortelle, orange

That night the moon was really magic. It seemed that on its pale surface appeared contour of the honeycomb and the night smelled of sweet and heady spiraea. We danced in the moonlight, inhaling the fragrant herbal magic, and our wreathes of wild flowers seemed surrealistic crowns in the darkness. There is no such moon in the moon phase calendar – we named it ourselves. And it granted us in the morning with the amber of wild honey.

True summer perfume should be breathtaking, charming from the first note. This is the music of the warmest memories, favorite fairytale, achieving new meanings as you grow up. One seeks for the fern flower once a year, and Kupala night is the best adventure of the summer. The night of wild herbs, fires, wreathes that sail down the river, and stories told under the stars, stock of laughter and joy for the year ahead. Moon of honey laughs till dawn, the fern flower floats in its lingering light and soaks up the magic to become more beautiful next year and to become the best treasure for the summer crown of Faerie queen.

Feedback on Moon of Honey

"On paper blotter: intoxicating honey flowering meadow in June, warmed with long sunny day. Now the sun has set and the herbal scent is richer at night. It becomes colder in the end, but does not lose its fragrant power.

On skin: nearly the same, but in the beginning you hear honeybush and honey, later the fragrance harmonises and returns to the one you feel on paper blotter"
(Anna Semenenko)
"The perfume changed a lot while trying it and really surprised. In the beginning it is honey that is not sweet at all, astonishingly not sweet. Nevertheless, it is active and bright. I thought then, why the moon? And the moon appears in the end, together with the smoke of frankincense and silky white flowers".
(Polina Poplevina of "Ladanika")
"Delicate fragrance, very feminine, warming but not persistent. Very good to feel warmth and romance during cold winter. And just for good mood. It will be a great present for a girl or young lady, but it will also compliment a woman thanks to the «serious» notes of immortelle and spiraea".
"What a power!!!! Exquisite! Bitter fragrant honey (no sweetness at all!) mixed together with smashed wet herbs, medicine plants, their stems, flowers and leaves. Bitter and tarn perfume, grassy, fragrant, bitter and wet with honey. Bitter witches potion with herbs and honey , decoct or herbal beverage or even bitter herbal tincture with honey... "
(Olga Ivanova)
Russian Forest

Tree's blood

Кровь дерева Acidica perfumes
Кровь дерева Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural, citrus, spicy, woody

Main notes: nagarmotha, thyme, hay, ginger, mimosa, myrrh, lemon

Despite of the provocative title, not a single tree was harmed. By blood is meant the juice streaming inside each plant and transporting living energy and nutrition from roots to new buds and young leaves, and later fruit. The perfume is about the power of nature, the movement hidden inside immobile trunks, the spring coming. Cool elemi resin, juicy lemon, spicy Thai ginger, herbs, tarn fresh bark remind of young leaves, birch juice and green mist covering the trees in Russia in the end of April.

Feedback on Tree's blood

"Looks like this is the author's favourite theme. Successful fragrance with exact name. The tree blood must smell this way. I frose with awe at the first breath of such strong nature spirit image. Juice of trees, resin, bark and something cold, tickling the nose inside. Eucalyptus or mint perhaps. Hard to wear but charming. Fragrance for druids."
(Polina Poplevina of "Ladanika")
"Aged juice of grass. A tincture, one can drin it to improve his health. The tree, indeed – rough thick bark, tender core inside. It seems that it is a cone tree. Very old and experienced. Covered with moss. Though I also see something oaky. Definitely various trees and herbs growing at their feet. Very relaxing".
(Nina Novitskaya)
On paper blotter: fresh pine needles, new born. Just cut pine trunks with drops of resin. Drying pine logs for a house. Warm wood – the walls of the comfortable home.
All cycle from birth to lethargic sleep in the same fragrance.

On skin: thick smell of mushrooms. Nice mushrooms of the fall, growing near the fire at the sunny glade. Later mushrooms move to the back and let open all the landscape: tall mast pines under the sun of the fall, small fire with boiling teapot… the beginning of the fall, when winter seems so far away.
Great harmonising fragrance – generous, full of light forest always accompanying you.
(Anna Semenenko)

"Herbal, woody and green perfume, colorful and impressive. True tarn herbs, stems, leaves, tarn mossy wood, all of it smashed and mixed up and dark green juice made of this mixture. Herbal tincture with incense and resin hint of woody notes. That's what it is. Thick, concentrated and very intensive perfume... "
(Olga Ivanova)
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