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Marsala Chai

Marsala Chai Acidica perfumes
Description: 100% natural. Oriental, tea, gourmet

Main notes: black tea, orange, ylang-ylang, santal, vanilla, rose

Marsala chai was the first perfume by Acidica Perfumes that took part in artisan perfume festival. In 2016 in Moscow was held The second INDIE perfume festival, it was organized by olfactory artist Anna Zvorykina. Participants made new perfumes according to some variants of briefs about tea. That's how Marsala Chai was created – perfume story of oriental black tea.

The name of this perfume combines the color name (marsala) with traditional Indian beverage (masala), made with milk and spice. The idea was to show warm summer evening, subtle taste of tea with milk and cardamom and passion of flowering rosehip in the darkness of Russian night in July. Marsala is a mysterious shade of burgundy, feminine and intriguing, same as this perfume. Orange and ylang-ylang add zest to this unusual version of tea and make this tea party unique.
Marsala Chai Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun

Feedback on Marsala Chai

Evening perfume, soft, spicy, warm, tart, insinuating and piercing at the same time, touching, relaxing – true Orient. I feel in it black tea, hot and moderately sweet. What a wonderful rose inside… It speaks tenderly in low voice until the end. This is the dream fragrance. It takes you up to the night sky to the stars and paves the way to dreams...

Wonderful composition, perfume itself, thanks to the author".

(Elena Melena)

"Marsala Chai" Acidica Perfumes - santal, milk, jasmine, indian spice. Impression in total – smoking incense and masala (beverage, not spice mix, with a lot of honey and petals of jasmine). Warms very well, the best choice for cold windy weather. The best for walks in cold season.

Quiet enough and not long-lasting.

(Elena Vinogradova)
"Marsala Chai – a lot of spice in milk. Bright santal note. India."
(Ekaterina Vasiljeva)
"On glass: spicy, wine, a bit viscous perume with notes of rose and santal. Warm, enveloping scent of citrus and spice. In the end becomes lighter and more flowery, with notes of rosehip, ginger and bitter orange sound brighter.

On skin: orange, spice, santal, osmanthus. Rather sweet, but this is a natural fruit sweetness. Oriental ligature of rose, patchouli and ylang-ylang. In the end santal and orange sound louder. Thick, flowing and light as the finest cashmere shawl. Warms, but rather makes spice cloud around you than stays on skin.
Perfect perfume for cosy events of this autumn!
(Anna Semenenko)
"From vial:

Hot black tea at the edge of bowling
Honey from exotic fruit
The space expands from one point
Citrus, spice fresh and partly dried
Cinnamon, orange skin… reminds me of home-made mulled wine recipe
Oily tiare flowers
Imaginary color is scarlet with orange sparks

Promised on skin:

Intoxicating mind
Penetrating the body, bringing in the warmth
Defending both body and soul from outer cold.
Tea mixed in a half with strong alcohol, definitely rum that absorbed oak taste
Yes, this rum had quite an experience while travelling from ship hold to hold as a trophy
It was covered with tropical flowers and stood close to pepper and spice. И
Pirate perfume, exactly.
What a wonderful orange, cruelly crumpled by a strong hand – peel, pulp, seeds – all in one mass with single movement. Squeeze and take all the most precious, throw away the rest.
I'd try this perfume on a man. It seems that it might sound more delicate than on woman's skin.
Spicy and peppery, brutal. But how nice it is!
Having drunk this strong black tea, you crave for feats."
(Nina Novitskaya)
Tea collection

Ginger tea

Ginger tea Acidica perfumes имбирный чай
Ginger tea Acidica perfumes имбирный чай акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural. Tea, flowery, spice

Main notes: jasmine, magnolia, orange, osmanthus, pink pepper

This perfume was created at the same time with Marsala Chai as an alternative perfume for The second INDIE perfume festival of 2016. Tea beverage with flowers did not match the brief «oriental black tea», so another perfume participated in the event and Ginger tea was presented to the public later. That's how the Tea collection appeared, and this tea story still continues, as there are many favorite sorts of tea and delicious ideas.

Ginger tea is the best remedy for cold and gloomy weather. It deserved the reputation of tonic and energizer, as fresh and spicy fragrance makes you open eyes and wake up. Many citrus notes, jasmine, magnolia, osmanthus, a drop of warming pepper is the recipe of happiness for all occasions.

Feedback on Ginger tea

"Ginger tea is the nicest and the easiest to understand fragrance of all the line. Not much ginger, but overheated with sun and rubbed with orange and grapefruit peel wood is evident, and in the upper notes – the brightest, sparkling mix of grapefruit and orange".
(Polina Poplevina of "Ladanika")
"This fragrance can cure from headache in seconds. This is not promotion – bright and sparkling, it shoots somewhere directly in cortex and envelopes in sunny blanket. I used to wear it every day for a long time and never got tired of it."
(Elena Pilgun)
"On paper blotter: a couple of seconds lasts Indian dusty and spicy accent, then bright citrus (grapefruit and orange peel) and ginger on honey underlay. Tea comes the latest of all and only emphasizes the freshness of citrus, slowly becoming spicy warmness.
Bright fragrance that helps to wake up and start the day.

On skin: Christmas ginger bread. Citrus, note of honey, spice, some juicy grapefruit. Wherein the fragrance is fresh, warm and I would call it warming! "
(Anna Semenenko)
"Very vivid and rich perfume. Maximum concentration, all as I like. Starts with wet, juicy and fragrant spicy lemon and is accompanied at once by spicy ginger. Sour and spicy, tarn, fragrant and concentrated ginger. Wetness gets quiet with time and leaves. The perfume is very tasty and invigorating. Ginger and citrus, spicy, a bit wet. "
(Olga Ivanova)
Tea collection

Boston tea party

Boston tea party Acidica perfumes Бостонское чаепитие
Boston tea party Acidica perfumes Бостонское чаепитие открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun
Description: 100% natural. Tea, woody, leather

Main notes: smoked tea, algae, pine, tar

Let's try to imagine how smelled the sea trips long ago, when people sailed the oceans and seas. Modern port smells of diesel, fish, algae, engine oil and sea salt. Centuries ago smells of the port were the same except for engine oil and diesel, of course. The ships smelled of wet wood and resin, sailors smoked pipes and rolled onboard the barrels with tar.

In such a port took place the famous Boston Tea Party. American sailors got outraged by the politics of british tea monopolists and drowned several tea clippers. Boston Bay became the biggest teapot ever!

The perfume Boston tea party is inspired by this incident. They say that the history of American nation started then. Boston tea party by Acidica Perfumes is olfactory fantasy including screams of seagulls, splashes of sea waves, wooden ships creaking, sea salt, tart strong tea, sailor's pipe and obvious note of tar. The edp version smells different: less tar, more pine resin and salt.

Feedback on Boston tea party

"Adventurer's perfume indeed – intensively starts with tar and sea salt, with time tea and tobacco getting louder. Boston tea party is very good, if you like the smell of smoked wood and wish to feel the unfamiliar wind in your hair".
(Dara Dayne)
"On paper blotter: old port, where notes of sea salt and algae mix with smells of ships made of pine wood, tarred ropes and pipe tobacco. Deep inside the holds lays precious cargo – wooden boxes with tea. It is hidden, that's why tea appears from time to time, pretending smoke or tar.

On skin: tarred box of pine wood, covered with rope, and black tea is breathing inside it. And then the box falls in the salty sea, sinks slowly. The smell becomes softer and smoky, tea notes sound louder."
(Anna Semenenko)
Tea collection

8 Jewels tea

Чай 8 драгоценностей Acidica perfumes
Чай 8 драгоценностей Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Анна Закревская
Watercolor by Anna Zakrevskaya
Description: Semi-synthetic. Tea, flowery, herbal

Main notes: green tea, osmanthus, goji, chrysanthemum, cane sugar.

This tea fantasy with delicate flowery notes includes synthetic note of green tea, that's why this perfume stands aside of other perfumes of Tea collection, which are 100% natural.

The chinese tea beverage "8 Jewels" (Ba Bao Cha) has tender and delicate taste and is considered a pleasant longevity herbal mix. Its ingredients may vary, but the traditional mix includes green tea, cane sugar, fruit, seeds and berries, citrus peel. They are associated with eight characters of Buddhism and eight jewels (ruby, cornelian, pearl, nacre, coral, rhinestone, tortoise, silver bar) from the Chinese legend of New Year.

Feedback on 8 Jewels tea

"Fruit pulp. Juicy and fresh sweet fruits. I see a fruit like a melon – lots of tiny seeds inside and thick skin. Unexplainable smokiness at the same time. Slightly dried citrus".
(Nina Novitskaya)
"On glass – citrus peel, grapefruit and cinnamon. Plus bitter chrysanthemum and transparent herbal woody chord nearly wasted behind sweet osmanthus and white flowers. In the middle notes and in the end citrus and a bit bitter herbs. In total very bright and rich but not heavy perfume.

On skin: slightly dried tangerine peel, herbal note – slightly bitter green tea, sweet cinnamon and grapefruit. The perfume reveals itself slowly, plays with citrus and wooden notes. Closer to the end come fresh green tomato and green grass with citrus peel note.
Very warm and positive. Basically, if to put tiny amount on skin, suitable for office wear. Wonderful day perfume, warms and invigorates."
(Anna Semenenko)
"8 Jewels tea – it seems to be tea perfume. Yes, this is green tea flavored with chrysanthemum petals and citrus peel. Tart, fresh and delicate taste. Here's the appealing idea for room aromatization in Chinese style for tea ceremony events..."
(Polina Poplevina of "Ladanika")
"Floral green subtle bouquet, heart notes cover you with spice and sandal".

"Starts with fresh juicy citrus, then come tarn wet fruit, slightly sweet. Tarn flowers and soft tea notes. Beautiful aroma, it is really like tarn and sweet tea with citrus, fruit and flowers. "
(Olga Ivanova)
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