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Acidica Perfumes Color of scent collection
Collection Color of scent by Acidica Perfumes includes four perfumes dedicated to four seasons of the year. Helleborus and Rose cider took part in Aromareys thread game in 2019, Winter forest is the remake of earlier perfume made on personal order and reformulated later.
Amber labyrinth and Monarda obscura are the two new perfumes made in 2020, they also take part in some thread games in Russia.

The idea of this collection is to express feeling of color via perfume. Elena Markova shares the idea of synesthetic perception and Color of scent is her own way to bind the feeling of each season in Russian nature with its dominant scents, colors and tastes.

Color of scent 15 and 30 ml perfume spray bottles are decorated with lazer engraving. This option is also available on demand for perfumes from other collections except for the natural perfumes.

Monarda Obscura

Дерево Acidica perfumes
Description: floral, fruity, green, white musk

Color association: mauve

Main notes: rose, monarda, red currant, carnation, white musk, woody notes.

Rose is much more famous than a mysterious scarlet flower called monarda. It sounds a bit funny and strange in Russian and its scent resembles at once roses, rosehips, carnations and phlox. Spicy, fresh and complicated, it adds new colors to the symphony of summer evening. So much to tell about summer and so few to keep, maybe this vivid perfume is a better try. Feel the sour-sweet taste of red berries, silky touch of tender rose petals and tickle of tubular flowers of monarda. And when it becomes colder, salvia sclarea will wrap you in mauvish-grey mist of forcoming autumn.

Feedback on
Monarda Obscura

«Deep and contemplative melancholic rose, dusky and covered in purple shadows. Floral and woody fragrance, sophisticated, smooth and full of volume. I liked it a lot, I love roses very much».
(Vera Novikova)

«Very unusual perfume. I've never met any monarda, never had an idea it is so mysterious... Floral fruity musk composition with herbal nuances sounds distinctively. I really feel the flower's character - vulnerable, naive and sincere and at the same time very naughty and wayward. I want to have this fragrance in my collection! Very cool! Unique, outstanding and charismatic and very feminine... I feel pleasant wild strawberry notes, they create soft gourmet mood. I think that this perfume needs careful dosation on skin, as on my hand it was getting stronger like a flame. The concentration is perfume and it is true».

«This is song about rose: a twist of wild rosehip and garden rose - deep, velvet fragrance, a bit tart. I can't stop smelling it. Feel it for a long time, it fades with soft woody notes but still with light hint of roses. I love roses so much and this perfume just spread my awareness so far! ».
(inbeauty_moskva (Inna K)

«This is interesting. I did not find any roses and wild strawberries in Monarda. The first thing I thought of was blue hyacinth. Maybe that's because I never ever smelled monarda. Strong, slightly tart fragrance that would better fit evening pastimes».

«Floral and herbal cold fragrance. I can't imagine what would it look like to me if I tried it at blind testing, but now I recognize monarda in this fragrance - the scents of its leaves and flowers. Besides, I feel currant and grass. Later monarda turns to rose with metallic nuance (maybe because of grass). Sometimes I feel wild strawberry. With time metal note grows stronger and flowers weaken».
(Oxana Cherednichenko)

Дерево Acidica perfumes
Description: white flowers, gourmet, mineral
Color association: yellowish orange

Main notes: tuberose, marble, milk, peach, vanilla, white musk

When you travel a lot, someday a thought comes that many cities you've once visited have something in common. Like an ancient proto-city exists, and all the rest bear inside a fragment or imprint of it. You find this similarity in the ornaments of streets when look at the maps. You hear the whispers in languages gone long ago when you touch the hot walls of palaces and old forts. Those who are lucky to live here, never see these details obvious to strangers and habitual to local dwellers. Everyday magic lost its charm. Voice of the sea or of the primal forest outside the city walls, wind of March too alive for just an athmospheric creature, even the smell of holiday market food that takes you outdoors and gives the right direction to unknown local cuisine pleasures enchant you and make you come back again and again and try to catch a glimpse of always changing ancient city inside the modern one. Take this feeling with you and find it again on the streets of new country and brand new unknown yet city. What it smells like? For me, it smells of warm milk, fresh pastry, warm marble and white flowers from the shop nearby... Maybe, you'll find more scent colors and shades on these streets, who knows.

Amber Labyrinth

Feedback on Amber Labyrinth

"Amber labyrinth is very warm and feminine, it will sound nice both on young girl and older woman, and such universalism is a rare thing. My associations are amber, warm candle wax, tutti frutti and a mug of masala chai. Or ice cream with peaches and honey. Or soft pachmina on your shoulders. It is the best choice for cold season of the year like now, when I am writing this feedback. I was really surprized when read the main notes list. In many other fragrances the combination musk+amber+vanilla is deafening and choky, evoking the image of old madame from the french parlourhouse. But here these notes smell exquisite and sweet. Maybe because of milk and sour fruit note? Perfumer's work here is subtle and accurate like that of watchmaker, sound engineer or piano tuner".

«Very soft, comfortable, heart-warming amber fragrance. Not too loud, not too hot, peaceful and calming, like watching sunset wrapped in favourite plaid blanket. Very beautiful fragrance, reveals itself slowly and for a long time. Substantive».
(Vera Novikova)

«Tuberose in white chocolate surprises from the very beginning. This fragrance is definitely with an attitude, gourmet notes match tuberose well, and this one hides a secret besides. I've read the brand's description - something about the archetype city of all cities in the world. Tried to catch the mood and it seems that there is something there... Looks like this fragrance collected all the most loved and all the best and reveals all these treasures with time. Closer to base notes it becomes softer, lets you out of the labyrinth and shows the way home...»

«Splendid tuberose with gourmet notes, soft and warm start - ripe peach with milk and white chocolate, no sticky sweetness here. Amber and vanilla base, everything is delicate and in place, beautiful accent on tuberose. Feminine and cosy».
(inbeauty_moskva (Inna K).


Helleborus Acidica perfumes
Description: green, floral, woody
Color association: light blue
Main notes: lily of the valley, mimosa, lilac, vetiver, grass, violet, vanilla, cedarwood, citron

Helleborus starts to bloom in April. This flower is ambiguous, as black and white, as the Dagaz rune. Black helleborus is a cure and white one is deadly poisonous. This perfume is a fantasy of dual nature of beauty. Philosophical reflection of contrasts and hidden meanings.

This perfume smells of first spring leaves, transparent petals of mysterious and dangerous flower. Crystal chime of lilies of the valley and dark murmur of helleborus transform into soft sweetness and velvet deep sleep. Maybe this is how the poison juice reveals itself...
Postcard by Elena Markova
«The first thing I felt was the tart smell of lately broken twig. I even heard it crack and leaves swishing. Then came white flowers. Bluebells and datura came to mind. This fragranse keeps mystery and something mystical inside. Green, damp, deep and silent. Evening or even night at the garden. Outside is chilly. Enjoying the loneliness, but you are not alone infact. The Nature talks to you. I see lilac in the pyramid - that was the broken twig) And lily of the valley. Everything is clear now. When Helleborus finally set down on skin, lily of the walley moved forward. This fragrance is really sensually controversary: white flowers and dark of the night, crystal clear and natural grass. Full immersion».
(Nina Maximova)

«A bit more than just a forest... The first lungfool not just took me to the forest, it seems I have seen its soul... This fragrance is about trees and fields, meadow flowers and fresh springs. In spring and summer the forest blooms and these are the times of sparkling smells and colors. walking here then you might catch an eye of a forest nymph or a faun. This forest enchants with its beauty...»
(Natalia Sukhorukova)

«Damp black soil just freed from show. It melts, and transparent water drops down the roof. This is how it starts. Then come the flowers: mimosa and violet. Soft and stylish. They are especially nice on contrast to the black soil. Do you remember the tender and fragile petals of violets? They are slightly velvety. That's what the violet is like here: soft as velvet and not vintage at all. With time flowers become something else. They become tart and spicy. Wonderful fragrance with adventure inside».
(Kira Bulgakova)

«Enormous bundle of spring flowers, like you are holding it at this same moment. Looks like persian lilac, mimosa, lily of the valley, framed in green, pollen, leaves and fluffy cloud of smell. True flowers, fresh and alive. They stay same till the end, only become quiet like sweet pollen falls down on leaves of lily of the valley softly and stays there covering, not too diffusive».
(Elena Egorova)

«Awesome fragrance - fresh and juicy herbs with slightly flowery powder. Inhale it, and you feel happiness coming with big bunch of freshly cut flowers. Green stems covered with dew drops, velvety buds open and effuse tart sweetness. Cosy and peaceful fragrance. You want to wrap yourself in it totally like in invisible veil. And smile, just smile».
(Olga Repina)

Feedback on Helleborus

Summer is Back

Summer is Back Acidica perfumes
Description: fruity, fresh, green
Color association: yellowish green
Main notes: green fig, pineapple, grass, ozone, incense

We travel, inspired by the wish to catch up with the summer sun and laziness. We become free birds to follow the sun and warm wind to distant countries, and our dreams come true. Summer is back with ripe green fig, fresh air and thick leaves, warm milk in the morning and tender sunlight. The fragrance Summer is back smells green and yellow, sparkles and tickles. You can feel its unique taste on your tongue when smelling – fruity, grassy and milky. Gloomy and cold summer inspired Elena Markova to create an antidote to depression caused by rainy weather, the rain that seemed eternal. A ticket to summer paradise in the small glass bottle.
Summer is Back Acidica perfumes открытка акварели Елена Пильгун
Watercolor by Elena Pilgun

Feedback on
Summer is Back

"Fresh fig in pineapple juice from the glass. It floats slowly. Fig skin gives birth to fresh and airy grass note. The middle seems totally fig, later transforms in wody and milky base. Laconic and perfect. Nice everyday choice, but it would be too airy for office. Let's try it on skin.

On skin again I feel fig and pineapple. Even fresh grass and pineapple and a bit of milky ripe fig pulp. Fig is more active closer to the middle notes, it comes through the grass and replaces it. Juicy skin first, and then comes the fruit itself. Pineapple never gives up, it stays sparkling and sweet as in the beginning. Then everything slowly transforms into calm woody base with flashing green notes.

This fragrance is not heavy, tasty and a bit flippant. A good choice for summer or to imitate summer atmosphere."
(Anna Semenenko)
"Brand new Summer is back is fresh, clean, transparent fig. The fig is often made severely green, but this one is fruity, sweet and juicy. Just perfect. I liked it very much!"
(Vera Novikova)
"Magestic fig of Summer is back, fruity green, sunny and truly good for summer. Real depression treatment for anyone who is tired of gloomy and grey fall outside."
(Igor Masyukov)
"Summer in back: tarn grass. Herbs with lemon zest. Something familiar since childhood. Juicy red apple! The juice runs down my hand. A lot of apples around, they shine in the sunlight, laying on the grass sparkling with diamonds of dew. This is the life, this is true joy! Sour and sweet, fresh fragrance.
Shocked to fing fig among the notes. And it does not cause headache as it uses to... I feel sweet and sour apples here. Lena, did the fig and pineapple become apples? :)
Very optimistic!"
(Nina Novitskaya)
"Beautiful summer perfume. Reminds of carefee childhood, sunshine through the leaves, many fresh air, plus sweet milk. MMM! What can be better?
This perfume surprisingly well unites milk, fig, pineapple and green notes.
I wished to try the fig perfume and here I got one."
(Natasha Sukhorukova)

Rose сider

Rose Cider Acidica perfumes
Description: fruity, sweet, floral, powdery
Color associations: pink
Main notes: champaka, rose, clary sage, vanilla, orris, oakmoss, apple, orange

It's time for roses and apples, time to dance under falling leaves. Naughty redhead dives out of your embrace and keeps teasing you, hiding behind the trees. The air of fall is inebriant as good apple cider. Kizune fox is playing with you and leaving you the subtle smell of roses as a souvenir.

Ripe red apple, tasty cider transform into the pink avalanche of rose petals. Cider never gives up and tickles, petals fall in the goblet and swing. Roses are all around... This cider is too strong, though it is tasty and sparkling like lemonade. The valtz of flowers carries you far away and commands to dive and hide inside the heap of rose petals, get asleep and never wake up till spring comes.
Postcard by Elena Markova

Feedback on Rose Cider

«What a playful, red, dry and autumnal fragrance! I'm walking slowly, squinting in the sun. Road bricks warm my feet while I'm passing by the shop with candied and dried fruit and splendid smells of dried apples and oranges. I'm passing by the whirl of yellow leaves near the entrance of the Indian spice shop, but no, I'm not coming in. Hurry up to the end of the street, where I stand near the wooden counter smoothed by thousands of eager elbows of customers waiting for their cider... Smiling shop girl fills the beer mugs with thick, viscous, covered with sweet smelling foam cider that leaves you with funny white moustache over your upper lip! Look through ambery liquid at the sun, catch the flecks from raising bubbles and try to keep this memory alife for all the long winter ».
(Victoria Mizyak)

«My favourite alcohol theme in fine fragrance) The clearest apple cider, heady and striking, waiting for some time before attacking. Beautiful combination with tender and weightless petals of garden roses. Roses with enormous heavy buds spreading subtle smell so diffusive that it fills all the space in no time. Such an exquisite melange! My head immediately loses the weight of occasional thoughts and cosy warmth fills me from head to toes».
(Olga Repina)

«Real splendid honey from the first breathe. Later comes baked apple, bread and a bit of spice. And then it is followed by hops, and apple becomes cider. And only after that comes wonderful sweet and velvety honey rose. The smell of true autumn holiday, fruits are already picked, last warm days of the years - time to have a good walk before cold winter starts. Apple pies, honey, cider, last roses of autumn in big heaps and indian summer. Thick fragrance but surprisingly airy, like air on sunny day of golden fall. Floral gourmet fragrance, opalescent from rose shades to honey cider».
(Elena Egorova)

«Heading roses... In fact, at once I was surrounded by soft floral-woody fragrance. Don't forget about sweet smell of slightly overripen apples. Like you suddenly get to the apple orchard with a bunch of roses in hands after romantic rendez-vous. Your heart is filled with love, and your head is buzzing filled with numerous wonderful smells. The trick is to pull yourself together and find the way home. Great, balanced fragrance, I would gladly have it in my collection for sure».
(Natalya Sukhorukova)

«That's really cider, sour for first couple of seconds at the start. I believe this is how Russian holiday Medovyy Spas smells: honey, apples and herbs. I hear well my beloved champaka. Thick and oily fragrance but not viscous. Bright. Just imagine red apples on orange maple leaves on warm autumn day. Wonderful heart of the fragrance: sweetest apple mousse with spice herbs. Tasty and warm».
(Keira Bulgakova)

«Happy time of apples ripening. So many of them - so beautiful, juicy and fragrant. Sweet and sparkling apple cider in a mug. Sun in my hands. Shining happiness. Hide-and-seek in the garden labyrinth. Happy, weightless and ardent. Silver bell chimes in my hand. Come find me in these endless green passages».
(Ann Korobchak)

«This is really unusual. So warm. Sweet, viscous and cosy. More like mulled wine for me. My husband feels honey. And I want to cover up in warm plaid blanket. Though Rose cider can warm you up without any blankets. Apple and rose twist together in a balanced mix. I can compare this fragrance to a picture in shades of orange. Bright and invoking good memories from distant caves of mind».
(Nina Maximova)

«I don't like rose fragrance. That's what I thought before I met this fragrance. One drop surrounds you with magic. Not even roses, rose jam! So tasty, so sweet, so rosy! And I become someone else, now I'm a small fairy with crystal wings sitting on the jar with wonderful fragrant dessert enjoying... The smell. Life. And something else... Maybe happiness. I believe it must smell exactly so)».
(Julia Mikhailova)

Winter Forest

Rose Cider Acidica perfumes
Description: fresh, woody, coniferous, aromatic, berry

Color association: mint green.
Season association: winter

Main notes: cedarwood, snow, red berries, conifer, lavender.

First version of this fragrance was made on demand in 2017. It smelled of wet wood, black soil, fallen leaves and patchouli. It was a landscape of winter in the forest and its color association was rather brown than anything else. New version of 2020 has dramatically changed. It has much more winter cold character. I feel nostalgic for true Russian winter with lots of snow, frosty and silent. Fir trees and pines stand still in their snowy outfits, ice on needles chimes in harsh winter winds. Nights are filled with magic - dark velvet of sky, sparkling snow and ice and creepy feeling of time that stopped and bloody stains under naked trees. Look, that's not blood - red berries on white, nothing criminal. It was just an illusion, but still this special winter atmosphere makes you shiver...
Postcard by Elena Pilgun

Feedback on
Winter Forest

«Frosty morning in the pine forest. The sun shines vigorously over the fir trees in snow, transforms shadows on snow in complicated laced patterns. the air is crystal clear, and someone is watching you attentively from the distant trees. You ski on crunchy snow, pick a handful of fir needles so fragrant it makes you cry. Breathe deeply and feel undescribable freedom... feel the beauty of the moment and all your life. Magnificent. That's my childhood forgotten long ago, when the trees were big and the sky was blue. Minty and camphorous jingle with crystal sweetness and sligthest sour note in the aftertaste».
(Olga Repina)

«My favourite fragrance. Conifer forest in snow. The sun shines bright and frost tickles my cheeks. Very realistic fragrance. I feel pine needles and ice coldness. It is clean and calm and all this is easy to hear and feel».
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